The Meaning Behind the Color of Each Belt Rank in Tae Kwon Do

The belt that a Tae Kwon Do student wears carries a lot of meaning. It indicates their length of training and level of knowledge. Each color is also symbolic of a stage of growth and development as a martial artist. The meaning of each belt color is:

  • White Belt
    Representative of purity, a new beginning and no prior knowledge of Tae Kwon Do.

  • Yellow Belt
    Signifies the Earth from which plants grow. Similarly this stage is the foundation and beginning growth stage of the Tae Kwon Do student.
  • Green Belt
    A green plant is one that is already reaching up and out, growing in strength and maturity. The green belt level symbolizes a more solid level of skill and ability.
  • Blue Belt
    Represents the sky and new heights. The blue belt student continues to progress in skills both physical, mental and emotional.
  • Red Belt
    Represents the sun, a source of tremendous power and energy. The color red is also universally symbolic of danger and caution. At this level a Tae Kwon Do student should have great strength and confidence. This must be balanced with self control and humility.
  • Black Belt
    The opposite of white, it represents proficiency and maturity. It also marks the end of one path (the color belt ranks) and the beginning of a whole new level of training (the pursuit of advanced Black Belt ranks).