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Ha Tae Kyung Tournament

Sunday, November 27th, 2016


Congratulations to all of Master Shim's competitors who gave their best this past Saturday! Forms Gold Medalists: Samantha F. Ethan R. Chinelle A. Curtis S. Hudson D. Jordan W. Doan V. Juliana M. Samantha H. Alex N. Jameel H. Forms Silver Medalists: Alexis H. Challaine B. Jahmall C. Liam R. Rosalyn L. Christian H. Brian K. Michael K. Binh H. Forms Bronze Medalists: Lexci C. Tiger K. Brandon D. Abigail S. World Class Poomsae Medalists: Emily P. - Gold Alina K. - Silver Kiana H. - Bronze Raenah F. - Bronze Stormy W. - Bronze Breaking Gold Medalists: Jameel H. Alexis H. Alex N. Challaine B. Samantha H. Juliana M. Doan V. Brandon D. Tiger K. Binh H. Jim C. Ethan R. Brian K. Abigail M. Jordan W. Breaking Silver Medalists: Lexci C. Hudson D. Christian H. Rosalin L. Liam R. Jahmall C. Breaking Bronze Medalists: Stormy W. Michael K. Chinelle A. Sparring Gold Medalists: Hudson D. Michael K. Chinelle A. Nolan T. Binh H. Alison T. Griffin T. Stormy W. Joseph B. Sparring Silver Medalists: Jameel H. Christian H. Abigail M. Ethan R. World Class Sparring Medalists: Alexis F. - Gold Alex N. - Silver

HealthKick 2016

Sunday, November 27th, 2016


THANK YOU! To all of our dedicated students, parents, and families who raised over $22,500 for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at the 2016 Haunted HealthKick. You guys ROCK!!!!