Water Does A Body Good

Cooler temperatures and leaves turning colors signal that the fall season has settled in. While the lack of blazing temperatures may not seem to illicit the same need to quench your thirst, it’s vital to remember the importance of hydration during cold weather months.


First of all, not drinking enough water affects both your physical and mental capabilities. Just a slight percentage decrease in your water intake can lead to brain fog and a loss of mental sharpness. The physical can follow, from feeling thirsty to inability to achieve tasks. Incidentally, by the time you realize you’re thirsty, it’s already reached a low point.


Although a variety of other liquids boast that they can quench your thirst, it’s not the same as having water. In fact, ironically, some drinks can cause you to lose fluids. Among them, coffee and caffeinated drinks. You can wind up in worse shape and less hydrated after gulping a large Coke.


Don’t let the cool temps fool you. Although you may not be sweating profusely like you would in mid-June, you’re still losing fluids. Keep up your water intake, and don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. By being educated and informed as far as what your body needs, you’ll keep the fall season fun!


And while we’re discussing the Autumn season, here are a couple of fun things coming up at Master Shim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do:

The 2018 Ha Tae Kyung Taekwondo Championship will kick off the fall tournament season, on November 10. A week later, Master Shim’s 3rd Annual Fall Family Festival will be an exciting time for all ages.


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