The Art of Competition

The Art of Competition

Everybody is a winner.

Countless parents use that mantra to encourage their children, when it comes to competition. After all, it can be difficult for children to experience loss, or not capture first place. But competition is definitely not all negative. In fact, good, healthy competition can be beneficial for children physically, mentally and emotionally.


Physically, children can learn new skills, and want to improve upon them. The person who wins a competition did something right – leading to the victory. If your child is not the victor, what a great starting point for lessons they can learn and grow from.


Mentally, your child can learn to win – and lose – gracefully. A winner who doesn’t handle their success gracefully is not enjoyable to be around. Conversely, a sore loser is just that – a sore loser. Competition provides the opportunity to learn how to handle both situations.


Emotionally, competition can improve your child’s self-esteem. Just having the sense of accomplishment can make a world of difference to a child. Completing a task, finishing a game, or entering a contest can be a positive goal they’ve met and completed.


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