In Step With … Simon Kraushaar

Jumping on his trampoline and riding his bike are a couple of the fun things that 7-year-old Simon Kraushaar likes to do. Now he adds Tae Kwon Do to that list. He decided he wanted to try out a new sport. After friends gave glowing reviews about Master Shim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do, Simon started at the Fayetteville location six months ago. “I think the instructors are all awesome!” states Devan Stewart, Simon’s mom. “They are great with the kids and make sure they have tons of fun while maintaining an appropriate level of discipline when necessary. Simon loves them and we always feel comfortable dropping our kids off with them for special events/camps.”


With more on his Tae Kwon Do adventure, here’s April’s student profile with Simon Kraushaar.


What is your belt level?

Green Stripe


Did you have any problems/issues that Tae Kwon Do helped you overcome?

I was very shy before and it has helped me with that.


Is it good exercise?

Yes. It makes me very tired at the end of the day.


Why do you like Tae Kwon Do? Why would you tell another kid that it is fun to do?

I like it because you learn how to fight if you ever have to defend yourself. I would tell another kid that it is fun because the instructors are always fun.


Why would you encourage someone else to consider Tae Kwon Do?

Because every time you get better at something new it makes you feel very happy.


Anything else you would like to add?

I really like sparring!!