In Step With … Rebecca Drayton

Twelve-year-old Rebecca Drayton has achieved at least 11 belt levels in her Tae Kwon Do career. A member of the Demo team, she loves the great exercise workout she gets during her classes at the Fayetteville location. She and her family love Master Shim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do. “They do an amazing job of teaching respect for others and self.  Character is very important and modeled well by all masters and instructors,” says her mother, Lesley.

Rebecca is a GA (Girl in Action) at New Hope Baptist Church, and indeed stays active and on the move.  Here’s more on one of February’s profile students, Rebecca Drayton.


Why did you start taking Tae Kwon Do?

I have been doing it for a little over a year. I started because I wanted to try something new and had wanted to try martial arts for years.


Did you have any problems/issues that Tae Kwon Do helped you overcome? 

I gained more strength and confidence. I also have better focus.


What has Tae Kwon Do done for your confidence? Self-esteem? 

Tae Kwon Do has helped me with my confidence and self-esteem because I am able to do things I never even thought was possible. So now I think pretty highly of myself.


Why do you like Tae Kwon Do?

I like being able to surprise myself with new techniques.


Why would you tell another kid that they should do Tae Kwon Do?

I would tell someone that they should join Tae Kwon Do because it helps with focus and it improves your level of strength.