Healthy Vision Month

Scores of people don sunglasses in the summertime. Although some may wear them because they are in fashion, the reality is sunglasses go a long way in helping to protect your eyes.


May is Healthy Vision Month. During this time, the National Eye Institute sounds the clarion call to make eye health a priority. On their website, they provide a number of steps each person can take to help protect their vision:


  • Use protective eyewear. You can benefit from wearing this eyewear when playing sports or other activities where eyes are susceptible to injury.
  • Get a complete dilated eye exam. Allow your eyes to be thoroughly examined, as early detection of problems can be very beneficial.
  • Know your family history. It can help to be aware of health problems other family members encountered. And speaking of health …
  • Live a healthy lifestyle, eating well and maintaining a healthy weight. Your eyes, and your body in general, will thank you for it.