Did You Know …

Earlier this month we celebrated National Sleep Awareness Week, March 3-10. I think we’d all agree that sleep is something that can be severely underrated, yet of extreme importance. Here are just a few reasons why not getting enough sleep each night can be so detrimental:

  • You can get sick easier. Lack of sleep can lead to a compromised immune system. Your body has a more difficult time fighting off sickness when you’re tired.
  • Your decision-making is hindered. It’s harder to make wise decisions, or even think, when you’re tired. Memory and alertness suffer, too.
  • You increase your risk of gaining weight. Indeed, some studies show there is a correlation between adults sleeping 5 hours or less each night, and their weight gain.
  • Your skin pays a price. Tired inside can show on the outside. More wrinkles, uneven skin color and even looser skin can result from lack of sleep.


Bottom line – get the rest that you need! Your body will thank you for it.