Did You Know . . .

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art, and as such pays homage to the Korean flag. Here are a few interesting facts about the Korean Flag (Taegukki):


  • The flag has three parts: the red and blue circle in the center, the white background, and four trigrams, with one located in each corner of the flag.
  • The white background means peace.
  • “Taeguk” is the name for the red and blue circle in the center. That’s the origin of all things in the universe.
  • The red part of “Taeguk” is called “Yang” and describes all positive aspects of balance that is typical for the symbol. The blue part is called “Eum” and represents all negative aspects.
  • “Kwe” is the name for the four trigrams at the corners. It also represents the concept of opposites and balance.
  • For the Korean people, their flag is a source of pride and inspiration.