Calming the Storm


Here at Master Shim's World Class Tae Kwon Do we strive to constantly move forward and better ourselves and our students.  We educate ourselves, consistently train our minds and bodies and follow advice from our mentors and leaders.  A challenge brought to us by one of our World Class leaders, Michael Mertens brought us to the following mindset...
While our current crisis has lasted longer, and been more severe and unsettling than many of us may have anticipated. We know that there have always been things within our lives that we cannot control that affect our situation, but also that there are many more things within our ability that we can control.
Therefore, let us take a moment to share with you the mindset that we are maintaining that has served us well throughout this time and will continue to help us throughout the rest of our lives.
We consciously choose to focus on daily activities that will put our families, our school or jobs, and our health further ahead than the day before. We will focus on elements that we CANNOT CONTROL.  There are TOO MANY things that we CAN CONTROL to focus our efforts on.
So at this point let's join together to...
➡️ Work together to make a better community for all of us
➡️ Spend time building relationships and support with family and friends
➡️ Take time to maintain our own health and wellness by exercising, eating well, and resting
➡️ Staying off Social Media except to communicate positively with friends and family
➡️ Show respect for ALL mankind the way we wish to be respected
The quote above is from Timber Hawkeye, a Buddhist practitioner whose TED talk can be found here
Faithfully Religionless: Timber Hawkeye at TEDxHonolulu 2012
Faithfully Religionless: Timber Hawkeye...