Books, Homework … and Veggies?

It’s Sunday night, almost midnight, and you realize school snacks haven’t been packed. Ugh. You need something quick and tasty that the kids will enjoy. Oh, and you want it to be nutritious too. Believe it or not, there are snacks that will actually meet all of those criteria – and pass the parent healthy food test.


If sweet is your child’s thing, then Sun-Maid’s best are sure to hit the spot. A mini-box of raisins can be filling, and are a healthy alternative to a candy bar. But there are some candies, like dark chocolate with nuts, that can make for a delectable taste combination, improve your health and even lower your risk of heart disease. Granola bars, filled with grains and fruit, can also provide a healthy, quick option, conveniently packaged.


Maybe salty … and crunchy … suits your child’s palate. Pretzels meeting the smooth taste of hummus not only tastes good together but can come as an easy-to-handle small premade snack. And vegetables and fruit, from mini carrots to apples to oranges, are always a nutritious win.


Keeping quick bites on hand for snack emergencies can get you an A+ in the lunch department. They can also make great snacks when you’re on the go during school break in December!