Be Careful What You Eat

Food Allergy Awareness Week is meant to do exactly what its name implies – help educate people about living with food allergies, and increase awareness about the issue. This year, the week will be observed May 12-18. According to, the eight foods that cause the most allergic reactions in the USA are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and crustacean shellfish. Allergies are typically diagnosed using either a blood test or a skin prick test.


Once properly identified, treatment for allergies often means avoidance of the offending items. The great news is, a number of options are now available on the market to address allergy concerns. Allergic to gluten? You can still enjoy your favorite pasta and breads thanks to gluten-free alternatives. Craving delicious ice cream? A dairy allergy does not have to hold you back, courtesy of the proliferation of dairy-free ice cream choices.


If you’re not an allergy sufferer, understanding, patience and kindness can go a long way when dealing with dining options for someone with food allergies. A little bit of awareness now can make a world of difference later.