ATU National Championship

Our competitors did a great job this past weekend at the ATU Nationals!
Challaine B. - Demo & Bronze in Poomsae
Alex N. - Demo, Gold in Poomsae, & Bronze in Sparring
Samantha H. - Demo
Alexis F. - Bronze in Sparring
Samantha F. - Demo & Gold in Poomsae
Jordyn C. - Demo & Gold in Poomsae
Matthew B. - Demo
Alison T. - Demo
Griffin T. - Demo
Kiana H. - Demo & Bronze in Sport Poomsae
Raenah F. - Demo & Excellent Sport Poomsae
Emily P. - Demo, Bronze in Sport Poomsae & the ATU National -51 Cadet World Class Sparring Champion
Bryce A. - Gold in Sparring
Elijah E. - Gold in Sparring
Joseph B. - Bronze in Sparring
Christina H. - Bronze in Sparring & Bronze in Poomsae
Stormy W. - Demo & Excellent Sport Poomsae
Alina K. - Demo & Bronze in Sport Poomsae
David Kim - Demo
Great Job by all!