In Step With … Nate Varner

Camping with his grandfather and playing video games are activities that Nate Varner loves to do. The 14-year-old also enjoys being getting moving by riding his bike. Tae Kwon Do has now become a part of his active routine. After only starting at the Fayetteville school in January, his commitment and desire have caused him to rise to the yellow belt level. And he has no plans to stop.


Here’s more on Nate:


What made you select Master Shim’s for your Tae Kwon Do lessons?

I came once to see my friends … taking a class and I really like what I saw and I decided I wanted to come here. Then their mom told my grandpa this is a good school.


Did you have any problems/issues that Tae Kwon Do helped you overcome?

Yes, confidence and concentration.


What has Tae Kwon Do done for your confidence? Self-esteem? 

I'm more secure in who I am


Tell me about some of your Tae Kwon Do accomplishments and things you have achieved?

I made new friends. I learn new words (in Korean).


Why would you encourage someone else to try Tae Kwon Do?

It's good fun and you exercise.