National Nutrition Month

Although we are well underway into the new year, it’s not too late to make a commitment, or a resolution, aimed at becoming a better you. And with March being designated National Nutrition Month, you have extra motivation.


The goal of the nutrition month is to increase awareness about the importance of good nutrition, and put attempts at healthy eating plans on the radar. How can you tap into this pivotal information and transform it into making a difference for you?


You can be aware of your caloric intake. What is a healthy number of calories for you to eat each day? Are you eating and drinking empty calories? Do you need to beef up more substantial calories?


Get the appropriate doses of fruits and vegetables. Eating five doses of fruits and veggies daily is associated with a lower risk of a number of maladies, such as heart disease and strokes.


Make informed food choices. While the potato chips, cookies and candies may taste good, excessive amounts of sugar and salt definitely don’t amount to healthy choices.


If you’re not taking good care of your body, there’s no time to start like the present. Kick off better dietary choices with National Nutrition Month.