A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way

With the Thanksgiving Holiday upon us, many people have chosen to adopt an attitude of gratitude. But having a mindset of thankfulness isn’t just for the month of November. Nor is expressing appreciation to others. Here are a few ways that you can show someone all year long that you are thankful.


Focus on providing your full attention when someone is in your presence. Simple acts like making eye contact and actively listening to what the person has to say can make someone feel appreciated and valued. So can remembering your manners. Two little words – “thank you” – can make a big impression.


Lending your support always makes someone feel like they matter to you. Whether you’re just offering heartfelt congratulations, or reveling in a success or victory as if it were your own, your happiness for them will make all the difference. You can also be sure to share their praise. This is especially applicable when a waiter, waitress or someone in the marketplace provides you excellent service. Share your kudos with their manager, or via online review. Tipping well for good service, when applicable, is a much-appreciated gesture.


A few other ideas for expressing gratitude …. handwriting letters. In this era of emails, texts and tweets, taking the time to write a note by hand is an especially thoughtful gesture. A note to say “thinking of you” or “thank you” or even “I love you” is very impactful. And a small little gift, which doesn’t have to be costly, can relay thankfulness.


Keep the spirit of gratitude going all year long.


Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from Master Shim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do.