Camp Fun in the Summertime

Camp Fun in the Summertime

Lazy days at the beach. Trips to the park and the playground. Taking time to lounge and read a book. The carefree days of summer will soon be upon us. While the kids will no doubt enjoy some down time, they may soon crave a little activity to keep them, well, active. Enter summer camps. Combining mental, emotional and sometimes physical benefits, summer camp can be the perfect outlet for your child.


Summer camp can bring children from different neighborhoods, ages and socio-economic backgrounds together. It is the perfect opportunity to learn how to socially interact with interesting people from all walks of life. Children can become more adept at communicating and participation with a wider group of people. Perhaps, among children they don’t see on a daily basis, your child may have the opportunity to exhibit more leadership skills that may be hidden among their normal group of friends.


Depending upon the type of camp your child is attending, they can develop greater skills of responsibility and resourcefulness as well. Camps may require them to take on certain tasks, find ways to solve problems, and address specific issues. Their team or group may depend upon them to get their part done. And because it won’t have the stigma of being schoolwork, it may be viewed as a more fun or challenging endeavor.


Along those lines, your child can learn a new skill. Again, cloaked in fun and summer activities, they won’t even realize that some actual education has taken place.


This list is by no means exhaustive. With camps featuring everything from computer skills to cooking, dance to martial arts, the list of additional benefits is endless. In fact, Master Shim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do offers a summer camp experience like no other. Filled with activities, learning and field trips, it’s sure to bring delight to them – and you. Stay tuned to for all the camp details.