Testimonials from our Students and Families

Since we first started teaching martial arts in the Atlanta, GA area we've received a lot of great compliments from our students. We'd like to share a few of their comments and stories with you:

Tara Landrum

How has TKD benefited your family?

untitled-2477 copyI moved to Georgia not knowing anyone. One day I decided to look into Master Shim's World Class Tae Kwon Do and been hooked ever since.  It has been five and a half years and I still love every minute of it.  I have made so many friends and even some close friends that I call my family.  By having friends in class with me, Tae Kwon Do has made me more consistent in my exercising.

What do you think about the instructors?

All of the instructors are kind and patient, which helps when you are consistently learning something new or trying to improve what you have already learned.  Everyone is so welcoming that you feel comfortable from the start.

What has been the biggest positive change as a result of belonging to our school?

It is a good feeling to know that people truly care about you.  The staff checks in on you when you miss class and they make sure you stay motivated to come consistently to achieve your best.  It really is a Tae Kwon Do family!

What would you say to other families who are considering getting started?

Tae Kwon Do is a great activity whether you do it with your kids or on your own.  There is something for everyone.  It is a good boost in confidence as you progress through the curriculum. You will learn new things and gain benefits from the exercise as well.

The Moore Family

How has TKD benefited you?

Master Shim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do has benefited my family by allowing us to participate in fun and exciting activity together. We love it. It is the only sport we’ve been involved with where we as parents can participate with our children. It gives us one more way to meaningfully bond as a family. It has also helped us stay active. As adults, we are getting more physically fit, and Tae Kwon Do has helped our kids with their balance, coordination, and body awareness. It has helped them improve physical skills, like kicking, running, hopping, jumping, that they can then use in other sports. Master Shim’s has also given us all an unexpected social outlet that I find better than what we experience at work or school. Our children have learned more useful and appropriate social skills while attending Master Shim’s than they ever learned in school. I attribute this to the one-on-one attention they receive while taking classes. But the best part for us is that being at Master Shim’s feels like visiting with our extended family (in a good way). It makes us happy.

What do you think about the instructors?

Indomitable-SpiritThe instructors at Master Shim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do are amazing! My wife and I are both trained educators and we’ve both spent many, many summers as summer camp counselors and directors, so we’ve been through lots of training and seen lots of people work with children. We both agree that the staff at Master Shim’s are some of the most effective leaders we’ve ever seen in action. They are firm yet kind. They have high expectations, but can express those expectations without resorting to fear or ridicule. They have a calm and caring aura about them. They are fun and motivating. My kids absolutely love them, and almost immediately go in search of an instructor to hug upon our arrival at our daily classes. In addition, the instructions all have the poise and confidence to teach and train adults like me, even though most of them are still only in their teens. There seems to be an underlying, yet pervasive, culture of excellence in instruction that I can only assume comes from the comprehensive training the staff receives. What it really boils down to is this: the instructors at Master Shim’s are some of the only people I trust my children with.

What has been the biggest positive change as a result of belonging to our school?

There have been so many positive changes in our lives since we joined Master Shim’s World Class Tae Kwon Do, but if I had to choose the biggest positive change my family has experienced as a result, it would be that we are now all much more physically fit. My kids started the program gangly, uncoordinated, and unsure in their physical skills. They now constantly surprise me with just how strong, graceful, and confident they have become. My 5-year old daughter improves her physical skills daily, and watching my 8-year old son execute his forms and routines has become awe-inspiring. Did I happen to mention he also now has a “six-pack”?

What would you say to other families who are considering getting started with TKD?

To other families who are considering getting started, I’d say to sign up for a free trial and give it a shot. You won’t know until you try it. It may be just what you were looking for. I never thought my children would care about martial arts of any kind. I never thought I would. I never planned on signing up, even when I agreed to try the free trial. Well, my entire household now attends Master Shim’s six days a week. We are completely and utterly addicted. It is some of the best time and money we have ever spent.

Jerry Parlier

How has TKD benefited you?

untitled-1165 copyTae Kwon Do has benefited our daughter by teaching her to persevere even when things seem tough. She has learned to keep improving always and not settle for less than her best.

What do you think about the instructors?

The instructors at Master Shim’s Tae Kwon Do are second to none. Their knowledge of what they are teaching shows in class. The patience demonstrated to their students helps encourage them to do their best.

What has been the biggest positive change as a result of belonging to our school?

Our daughter has made a major improvement in her confidence. She has gained a much higher respect for those in authority over her.

What would you say to other families who are considering getting started with TKD?

The sooner you get involved with Master Shim’s Tae Kwon Do the faster you will see the results. Besides confidence, respect, and perseverance, the fitness benefits are wonderful.


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