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Parent’s Night Out – Movie Night!

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Attention All Parents!! Do you need a night out after the Thanksgiving Holiday?  We have you covered with an all-inclusive Parent's Night Out!  Let you children join us for games, projects, TKD, dinner and a movie.  We plan all the fun - you enjoy the evening.  Sign up now by calling


and reserve your place now!

8th Yong In Presidential Cup International Tae Kwon Do Championship

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Master Shim's World Class Tae Kwon Do masters, instructors, competitors and their families headed to Greensboro, North Carolina over the weekend of July 21-22, 2017 to compete in an amazing international tournament along with over 1000 other competitors.  Yong In University is the alma mater of our very own Master Shim where he was an esteemed member of the world recognized traveling Yong In University Demonstration Team.  We got to see this year's team as they impressed us with their hit flying techniques and board breaking as well as their synchronized forms. Thank you to all who supported this great event!

Ha Tae Kyung Tournament

Sunday, November 27th, 2016


Congratulations to all of Master Shim's competitors who gave their best this past Saturday! Forms Gold Medalists: Samantha F. Ethan R. Chinelle A. Curtis S. Hudson D. Jordan W. Doan V. Juliana M. Samantha H. Alex N. Jameel H. Forms Silver Medalists: Alexis H. Challaine B. Jahmall C. Liam R. Rosalyn L. Christian H. Brian K. Michael K. Binh H. Forms Bronze Medalists: Lexci C. Tiger K. Brandon D. Abigail S. World Class Poomsae Medalists: Emily P. - Gold Alina K. - Silver Kiana H. - Bronze Raenah F. - Bronze Stormy W. - Bronze Breaking Gold Medalists: Jameel H. Alexis H. Alex N. Challaine B. Samantha H. Juliana M. Doan V. Brandon D. Tiger K. Binh H. Jim C. Ethan R. Brian K. Abigail M. Jordan W. Breaking Silver Medalists: Lexci C. Hudson D. Christian H. Rosalin L. Liam R. Jahmall C. Breaking Bronze Medalists: Stormy W. Michael K. Chinelle A. Sparring Gold Medalists: Hudson D. Michael K. Chinelle A. Nolan T. Binh H. Alison T. Griffin T. Stormy W. Joseph B. Sparring Silver Medalists: Jameel H. Christian H. Abigail M. Ethan R. World Class Sparring Medalists: Alexis F. - Gold Alex N. - Silver

HealthKick 2016

Sunday, November 27th, 2016


THANK YOU! To all of our dedicated students, parents, and families who raised over $22,500 for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at the 2016 Haunted HealthKick. You guys ROCK!!!!

ATU National Championship

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Our competitors did a great job this past weekend at the ATU Nationals!
Challaine B. - Demo & Bronze in Poomsae
Alex N. - Demo, Gold in Poomsae, & Bronze in Sparring
Samantha H. - Demo
Alexis F. - Bronze in Sparring
Samantha F. - Demo & Gold in Poomsae
Jordyn C. - Demo & Gold in Poomsae
Matthew B. - Demo
Alison T. - Demo
Griffin T. - Demo
Kiana H. - Demo & Bronze in Sport Poomsae
Raenah F. - Demo & Excellent Sport Poomsae
Emily P. - Demo, Bronze in Sport Poomsae & the ATU National -51 Cadet World Class Sparring Champion
Bryce A. - Gold in Sparring
Elijah E. - Gold in Sparring
Joseph B. - Bronze in Sparring
Christina H. - Bronze in Sparring & Bronze in Poomsae
Stormy W. - Demo & Excellent Sport Poomsae
Alina K. - Demo & Bronze in Sport Poomsae
David Kim - Demo
Great Job by all!

Kids With Cancer Learn Martial Arts As A Way To Manage Stress, Pain, Anxiety

Friday, November 27th, 2015

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (AP) — The young people who learn martial arts at a studio north of Detroit are not considered students.

Their instructors use a different word.


That's because the techniques these children learn will be used not to take on an opponent from a rival studio but against the deadly diseases that ravage their young bodies and threaten their lives.

Called Kids Kicking Cancer, the Southfield, Michigan-based program helps sick kids learn to use martial arts-style breathing and relaxation techniques to manage stress, anxiety and pain stemming from their illnesses and medical treatments.

It was founded by Elimelech Goldberg, a rabbi and first-degree black belt in the art of Choi Kwang Do. Known to the children as "Rabbi G," Goldberg said he was motivated to start Kids Kicking Cancer by the memory of his daughter Sara, who was diagnosed with leukemia just before her 1st birthday and succumbed to the disease a little more than a year later.

"My daughter, at 2 years old, contributed so much to this planet, because she brought in this light. And now that's the light that I'm privileged to help spread to the rest of the world," Goldberg said before leading a class of 16 preteens and teenagers suffering from cancer, sickle cell anemia and other ailments.

One child in the class of "little heroes," as Goldberg calls them, is Jayson Harris, a 9-year-old from Detroit whose cancer is in remission.

"Being in class is like a second family to me," Jayson said shortly before taking his spot on the mat and driving his fist into a striking pad held by instructor Michael Hunt.

The training also is designed to teach the kids to take control of their situations. Or as Goldberg says, to teach them to be victors instead of victims.

Hunt, 27, was the latter when he joined Goldberg's first class in 1999. He had already undergone a year of chemotherapy to treat a cancer of the muscles known as rhabdomyosarcoma, as well as having four ribs and a tumor removed from his side. Hunt later had two steel rods surgically implanted on either side of his spine.

Now, he certainly is the former.

Being a part of Kids Kicking Cancer allowed him to cut down on the medications he had been taking to manage the pain, and as a trainer he is an ever-present reminder to enrollees that the program can help.

"I'll tell them my story, and they're like, 'Oh, OK. Now, I know I can do it,'" Hunt said.

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